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It is not just homes that can be constructed using oak. Oak is an ideal material for a wide range of oak framed buildings. Whether your timber framed buildings are intended as living space, ancillary accommodation, or are for business purposes, there are many reasons why oak is a good choice of material for all your construction projects. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should choose an oak building for your needs:

Oak Framed Buildings Enhance Lives

A variety of buildings can be made to enhance the lives of those living close by. There are a wide range of buildings that could be constructed with oak, either on a home property or at business premises. Oak buildings can enhance lives in a range of different ways – since they are almost infinitely customisable, they can be uniquely designed to cater to every need.

Oak Fosters a Creative Atmosphere

On a home property, for example, you might wish to construct a hobby room or art studio. The wonderful aesthetic properties of oak, as well as the potential for large, light and airy spaces, make oak construction perfect for buildings that will be used for creative pursuits. Timber framed buildings are the perfect way to give free reign to creative expression, both in their creation and in their day to day use.

Oak Creates a Calming Environment

Timber framed buildings create calming environments that can help to bust stress in the home or the workplace. Our modern world can often be a stress-inducing place, and modern buildings which are far removed from the natural world can intensify these feelings. Oak buildings can make you feel more connected with nature and instil a sense of calm and well-being. Also, since oak is such a durable and long-lasting material, you can rest easy knowing that the structure will be sound for many, many years to come.

Timber Framed Buildings are Easily Heated, Lit and Maintained

You may wish to start a business from home or expand your existing endeavours. An oak building could be perfect for that too. Oak buildings are easy to heat, light and maintain and will last a long time, so they could be a sensible investment for the long-term future of you and your business. This sustainable building material is also sustainable in its use. Well-designed oak-framed buildings can make it easier to live an ethical, green and environmentally friendly way of life, at home or at work.

Investment in Oak Pays Off

On business premises, new oak framed buildings could help in a drive towards more sustainable business practice and the short-term investment could really pay off in the longer term, with an increase in productivity which comes from working in such pleasing surroundings. Buildings in oak are often built by those clever people who take the long-term view. Furthermore, a well-designed oak framed building can actually lower your bills and outgoings, and so it could make sound financial sense for your household or business.

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“I can recommend Oxford Oak Developments as a professional and highly efficient company. From point of contact, they were able to design the build, obtain planning permission and the relevant building regulations. The manufacture and installation were of the highest calibre, efficient with a team of craftsmen undertaking all the various trades from building the base erecting the oak structure, roofing and internal finishing.”

Mr. C Reynolds, Oxfordshire