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Oak framed garages could offer the solution you are looking for if you live in a quaint country location or a pleasant village and it is difficult to alter anything on your property. Planning constraints, listings and conservation area restrictions can make it more difficult to build the structures you require for the practicalities of daily life.

Oak is Strong and Secure

However, wherever you live, you will still have to deal with practicalities – one of which is taking care of your car. You can keep your car safe and secure with a garage, but it can be difficult to get permission for one that will not be in keeping where you live. Oak framed garages could offer the solution you are looking for – a strong and secure building in which to store excess belongings or keep your car.

Oak is Acceptable to Planners

The good news is that oak garages can really blend into a rural scene and not only will it look wonderful, it will also help keep the planners happy while allowing you to build the utility space you need. Oak is a material that can look very good in a natural or historic setting, which often means it is possible to get consent for an oak garage when it is not possible to get permission for a different type of structure. Since timber framed garages can last for such a long time, choosing to build one shows the planners that you are thinking for the long term, taking care of the environment and respecting local vernacular style and history.

Oak Framing Can Create Large, Airy Spaces

Oak garages could be far more than a place to park a car, however. A well-designed oak frame garage could offer not only space for cars, bicycles or gardening equipment but could also be designed as a double height space with storage, or even a guest room, hobby room or studio on top. There are many ways to make the most of an oak garage structure, and thinking outside the box when it comes to these matters could help you not only to create a functional utility space but also to improve your entire way of life.

Oak Framed Garages can be Altered to Suit You

Whether you have a classic car, a ten-ton truck, a tractor or an electric vehicle, all your different requirements, however quirky, can be catered for, since oak framed garages are so easily designed and adapted to meet your exact needs and wants. Timber framed garages can be bespoke structures that can be almost infinitely customised to meet your specific needs and desires.

Oak Garages Are Built To Last

No matter what your specific requirements may be, an oak framed garage is not only a solution for today, it is an investment in the future. These useful oak buildings will endure throughout the ages, providing a place to park the car today but also a place for the self-driving hover-cars of the future! No matter what the future may bring, an oak framed garage could help you and your household to weather any storm and be ready for whatever may come.

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“I can recommend Oxford Oak Developments as a professional and highly efficient company. From point of contact, they were able to design the build, obtain planning permission and the relevant building regulations. The manufacture and installation were of the highest calibre, efficient with a team of craftsmen undertaking all the various trades from building the base erecting the oak structure, roofing and internal finishing.”

Mr. C Reynolds, Oxfordshire