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An oak garden room attached to your home could be the perfect way to soften and blur the boundary between your home and your outside space. An oak framed garden room will be a cut above the rest. Oak is always an attractive material and can offer a range of things that no other building material can offer. Here are just some of the wonderful benefits of creating an oak garden room for your home:

Oak Garden Rooms Blur the Boundary Between Inside and Out

An ideal home blurs the boundary between inside and outside, creating a seamless integration of the home’s interior with any outside and garden space. An oak framed garden room will further soften that boundary with a small extension that will be in keeping with both your home and the surrounding environment. On a sunny day the doors and windows of your timber framed garden room can be opened wide to let the garden rush inside, while on cold, crisp winters days, you can stay inside warm and cosy and yet still be able to see and feel the natural world in your garden close by.

Oak Creates a Restful Internal Space and Frames Views Perfectly

Oak is a material that is wonderful for creating a feeling of calm and tranquillity. This natural and carbon-neutral material offers a restful internal space that can be opened up to allow access to the garden or offers uninterrupted views out over your domain. Oak construction gives the flexibility to allow you to get the perfect space for you. You can, along with the experts, work from your initial ideas to determine window sizes and locations that will perfectly frame the views and create the space that you have been dreaming of for your timber garden room.

Oak Framed Garden Rooms Stay Cosy, Warm and Comfortable Year Round

An oak garden room will be the perfect place to sit and relax, feeling part of your beautiful garden while, at the same time, staying perfectly cosy and warm indoors. Big windows will allow the light to flood in and can make your home lighter and brighter, reducing bills and your carbon footprint. The oak itself will add a solid frame and help to create a cosy, welcoming atmosphere to complement the cosy, warm space.

Timber Garden Rooms Will Encourage You To Make the Most of Your Garden

All the light flooding into an oak framed garden room or sunroom can also elevate mood. You will get the light levels you need to stay alert during the day and sleep well during the night. It may also encourage you to get out into your garden, get some exercise and perhaps even grow your own food if you are not doing so already. Perhaps you will even use your new garden room to house some indoor plants and to grow some exotic fruit trees or other edible container plants. Growing at least some of your own food is a fantastic way to take steps towards a more sustainable, green and ethical way of life.

An Oak Framed Garden Room Can Expand Your Horizons

Growing your own food is just one of the options that you might expand or open up by choosing to build an oak garden room on your property. But this is not the only way in which an oak framed garden room can expand your horizons – both literally and figuratively.

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“I can recommend Oxford Oak Developments as a professional and highly efficient company. From point of contact, they were able to design the build, obtain planning permission and the relevant building regulations. The manufacture and installation were of the highest calibre, efficient with a team of craftsmen undertaking all the various trades from building the base erecting the oak structure, roofing and internal finishing.”

Mr. C Reynolds, Oxfordshire