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Why Oak Construction is A Sustainable Choice

A Renewable Resource

Unlike many building materials that are used today, timbers such as oak can be a renewable resource. They are renewable because they can re-grow over time and sustainably managed forestry allows us to retain the benefits of the forest for years to come whilst using wood from it for construction. We understand the importance of the use of renewable resources to creating a sustainable way of life. By using renewable resources we can limit our impact on this planet we call home and ensure that we built a better future for generations to come.

Sequestering Carbon

Another of the benefits of building with oak is that it also aids efforts in sustainability by sequestering carbon over the course of its lifetime. As a tree, an oak takes in and stores carbon dioxide from the air, lowering the levels of this greenhouse gas that are present in the atmosphere. When oak, or other woods, are burned, that carbon is released back into the atmosphere. When it is used in building, however, that carbon remains locked up for a long, long time and does not contribute to global warming. Oak as a material can be better than carbon-neutral over the course of its lifetime.

Reduced Environmental Cost

To see many of the benefits of oak as a building material, we have to compare oak construction to other building methods. In comparison to other builds predominantly utilising concrete, stone, brick or metal, oak construction comes at a significantly reduced environmental cost. Oak can not only be better than carbon neutral over its lifetime, it can also be found locally, thereby reducing the environmental cost due to transportation, which accounts for a lot of the environmental cost for other types of construction.

Minimal Processing

Due to the traditional methods that are employed by our skilled craftsmen, minimal processing is required to ready the timber for use in your oak frame. This means that less energy is required to build an oak structure than to build most other types of buildings. Since energy can often come at a high environmental cost, this is another reason why oak is such an eco-friendly and sustainable building material.

Fewer Polluting Chemicals

Often, construction involves finishing materials with chemicals, which can pollute the environment and could also pose a hazard for human health. Due to its amazing durability and strength, oak needs no chemical finish, so fewer polluting chemicals will end up in the environment and we can all continue to enjoy that natural environment for generations to come. We achieve a high-quality finish through hand planing and fine manual finishing on all our oak frame buildings.

No Disposal Problems

The problem with many building materials that are used today is that they pose a problem at the end of their useful life. Timber, such as oak, poses no such problems. Hundreds of years in the future, if the building has outlived its purpose, the timbers will still likely be able to be re-used for other projects and even if they are not, the wood, when left in the ground, will eventually simply rot down and return nutrients to the natural system. It will not be a waste problem for future generations to deal with.

Buildings That Last

Oak buildings endure! When you choose oak, you are investing not just for yourself but for the future. When you plan a building that your great, great grandchildren could one day use, that is surely the very definition of sustainability!

“I can recommend Oxford Oak Developments as a professional and highly efficient company. From point of contact, they were able to design the build, obtain planning permission and the relevant building regulations. The manufacture and installation were of the highest calibre, efficient with a team of craftsmen undertaking all the various trades from building the base erecting the oak structure, roofing and internal finishing.”

Mr. C Reynolds, Oxfordshire