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So many of us love the homes we live in but wish we had a little more room! Timber frame extensions offer the solutions so many of us are looking for, allowing us to increase the space in our homes in the most wonderful of ways. An oak extension is an investment not just in today but in the future – a way to ensure the happiness of you and your family for generations to come. Here are just some of the benefits of choosing an oak framed extension for your home:

Timber Framed Extensions are Eco-Friendly

If you need or want more space but do not wish to move, oak framed extensions could be the perfect solution. Timber framed extensions give you many options, and all with a lower cost to the environment than other types of construction. Oak is a material which can be better than carbon neutral over the course of its lifetime. It can be sourced locally, requires less energy to produce and produces less pollution during its processing. What is more, oak framed extensions can also make it easier to adopt a range of eco-friendly practices in your home.

Oak Framed Construction is Family-Friendly

You may want an annex for your grown-up children, or for elderly parents. You may want space to work from home, or just a brand-new kitchen space to expand and improve upon your existing living space. Oak is an ideal medium since it is so easily adapted to create a design to suit you and your family down to the ground. Multi-generational families can gain the extra space they need in a flexible and infinitely customisable way when they go for an oak framed extension.

Oak Extensions Make Your Home A Family Heirloom to Pass On

Oak is a material that offers strength and durability over time. This is perfect if you are considering spending money extending a family home that will be inherited by your children and which you hope will be passed down through your family for years to come. Investing in an oak framed extension now could pay dividends for your great-grandchildren in the future!

Oak Framed Extensions Can Make You Happier and Healthier

A light, bright and beautiful oak extension can do more than transform your home – it can transform your life. Your whole way of life can change with the right change to your living accommodation. Just think how much happier, healthier and more pro-active a roomier home could make you. There is no knowing the positive changes a new oak extension could bring! The natural materials are finished in an oak extension create a healthier living environment, while the aesthetic properties of the oak frame also make it a calming space, inducing to good mental health and well-being.

Timber Framed Extensions Can Save You Money on Household Bills

By bringing more sunlight into your home, a well-designed oak extension can save you money on heating and lighting your home. By taking advantage of the power of the sun to naturally heat and light your interior space, your timber framed extension could dramatically reduce your household bills and make it easier to live a more sustainable way of life.

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“I can recommend Oxford Oak Developments as a professional and highly efficient company. From point of contact, they were able to design the build, obtain planning permission and the relevant building regulations. The manufacture and installation were of the highest calibre, efficient with a team of craftsmen undertaking all the various trades from building the base erecting the oak structure, roofing and internal finishing.”

Mr. C Reynolds, Oxfordshire